Township Interviews

The Upper Chichester Heart & Soul group asks commissioners and employees what Upper Chichester means to them. Our Township Interviews are meant to get the ball rolling on Community Testimonial submissions from our residents. The Heart & Soul Leadership team is an amazing group of volunteers made up of local residents and businesses who are committed to seeing Upper Chichester grow in the direction of what matters most to our residents.  Residents care about local children, historical buildings, partnerships for programs, business, economic growth, and planning.  Going through the Phase I part of Heart and Soul made it so clear that Upper Chichester residents want to be a part of the planning and economic process.  The support of Township leadership from Commissioners on down to staff, nonprofits and businesses made it evident that they support the Heart and Soul process and that everyone is working together to make a difference. The gathering of stories from all levels of the community will really make the community come alive.  These stories will show that Upper Chichester Township matters to people, of all ages.  We are looking forward to making this a fun and informative process that involves even more people to become excited about the future of our township. Fill out your own Community Testimonial and share your Upper Chichester story!